Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare ruling is just the beginning !

I'm still in shock over the ruling handed down by the SCOTUS today.  We should all be honest with ourselves, this decision was expected.  It has already been decided that the government can pretty much regulate any enterprise it chooses and tax anything it wants.  The solution is easy, of course, we the people have to elect those who intend to adhere to the limited government principles on which our Constitution stands.  We are the problem, not the courts or even the legislature.  Elections have consequences !!  I'm a physician, so I would like to take this opportunity to offer my simple solution to the healthcare problem.  This solution is simple and does not require over 2400 pages!

1.  Tort reform.  Cap non-economic damages, eliminate claims made policies for physicians and transition to occurance based policies offered across state lines for all licensed physicians.  Establish arbitration panels to assess for malpractice and loser pays court costs.

2.  Catastrophic medical insurance plans.  To cover unexpected medical illness or injury.  Deductibles and co-insurance offered on a sliding scale dependent on income and offered across state lines.  Low income individuals could still have it subsidized by the government. The cost to be tax deductible to the individual and not the employer thereby allowing portability.

3.  Health saving accounts that are tax deductible to the individual and not the employer so that it is also portable to be used for any medical expenses including doctor visits.

4.  Physicians and their practices should be tax exempt enterprises like religious institutions.

5.  Charity care.  Physicians would be encouraged to donate time in their specialty to a local charity hospital in  return for malpractice insurance coverage for their practices.

6.  Streamline practitioner databases and licensing/credentialing databases so that movement of physicians to areas of need can be expedited and encouraged.

7.  Choice.  Transition all government plans including medicare and medicaid to a combination of catastrophic and HSA plans which allow each individual to pick the amount and nature of coverage provided based on an individual's requirements.

8.  Any governmental subsidies should be targeted to an individual, not bureaucratic organizations or health maintenance groups/hospitals.  An individual would get X amount of subsidy to decide how and where to allocate the resources NOT the government.

9.   Eliminate the income tax.  As an alternative, a flat tax of no more than 10% and closure of loop holes.  So that low and middle income people can afford to participate in their own healthcare decisions.

10.  Eliminate the requisite federal governmental departments that are no longer necessary.


Tax consumption not income !!


Liberals complain all the time that the gap between the rich and everyone else is constantly widening. Fine, so stop taxing income and start taxing consumption. That way, more people will be able to accumulate wealth, while the people who have already accumulated wealth will be taxed as they spend it.

Outstanding Tea Party Video !

This video should go viral!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Definition of Libertarian

I just read a funny definition of a libertarian!

Definition: A philosophy held by annoying bastards who happen to be right about nearly everything. Fortunately, due to the frustration that comes with being right about nearly everything, in a world wrong about those same things, there are only 19 of them, and we’re going to find the bastards soon.

Democrats should stop lying about a surplus !

There never was a surplus!  Deal with it !!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Average IQ's and below average jobs

A true reform of our economic system must take into account our manufacturing infrastructure.

A letter from Lee Iacocca !

Lee Iacocca Says:

'Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage with this so-called president? We should be screaming bloody murder! We've got a gang of tax cheating clueless leftists trying to steer our ship of state right over a cliff, we've got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can't even run a ridiculous cash-for-clunkers program without losing $26 billion of the taxpayers' money, much less build a hybrid car. But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, 'trust me the economy is getting better...'

Better? You've got to be kidding. This is America, not the damned 'Titanic.' I'll give you a sound bite: 'Throw all the Democrats out along with Obama!'

You might think I'm getting senile, that I've gone off my rocker, and maybe I have. But someone has to speak up. I hardly recognize this country anymore.

The most famous business leaders are not the innovators but the guys in handcuffs.. While we're fiddling in Afghanistan, Iran is completing their nuclear bombs and missiles and nobody seems to know what to do. And the liberal press is waving 'pom-poms' instead of asking hard questions. That's not the promise of the ' America ' my parents and yours traveled across the ocean for. I've had enough. How about you?

I'll go a step further. You can't call yourself a patriot if you're not outraged. This is a fight I'm ready and willing to have. The Biggest 'C' is Crisis! (Iacocca elaborates on nine C's of leadership, with crisis being the first.)

Leaders are made, not born. Leadership is forged in times of crisis. It's easy to sit there with [your] thumb up your butt and talk theory. Or send someone else's kids off to war when you've never seen a battlefield yourself. It's another thing to lead when your world comes tumbling down.

On September 11, 2001, we needed a strong leader more than any other time in our history. We needed a steady hand to guide us out of the ashes. A hell of a mess, so here's where we stand.

We're immersed in a bloody war now with no plan for winning and no plan for leaving. But our soldiers are dying daily.

We're running the biggest deficit in the history of the world, and it's getting worse every day!

We've lost the manufacturing edge to Asia, while our once-great companies are getting slaughtered by health care costs.

Gas prices are going to skyrocket again, and nobody in power has a lucid plan to open drilling to solve the problem. This country has the largest oil reserves in the WORLD, and we cannot drill for it because the politicians have been bought by the flea-hugging environmentalists.
Our schools are in a complete disaster because of the teachers union.

Our borders are like sieves and they want to give all illegals amnesty and free healthcare.

The middle class is being squeezed to death every day.

These are times that cry out for leadership.

But when you look around, you've got to ask: 'Where have all the leaders gone?' Where are the curious, creative communicators? Where are the people of character, courage, conviction, omnipotence, and common sense? I may be a sucker for alliteration, but I think you get the point.

Name me a leader who has a better idea for homeland security than making us take off our shoes in airports and throw away our shampoo?

We've spent billions of dollars building a huge new bureaucracy, and all we know how to do is react to things that have already happened.

Everyone's hunkering down, fingers crossed, hoping the government will make it better for them. Now, that's just crazy... Deal with life!
Name me an industry leader who is thinking creatively about how we can restore our competitive edge in manufacturing. Who would have believed that there could ever be a time when 'The Big Three' referred to Japanese car companies? How did this happen, and more important, look what Obama did about it!
Name me a government leader who can articulate a plan for paying down the debit, or solving the energy crisis, or managing the health care problem. The silence is deafening. But these are the crises that are eating away at our country and milking the middle class dry.

I have news for the Chicago gangsters in Congress. We didn't elect you to turn this country into a losing European Socialist state. What is everybody so afraid of? That some bonehead on NBC or CNN news will call them a name? Give me a break. Why don't you guys show some spine for a change?

Had Enough? Hey, I'm not trying to be the voice of gloom and doom here. I'm trying to light a fire. I'm speaking out because I have hope - I believe in America. In my lifetime, I've had the privilege of living through some of America 's greatest moments. I've also experienced some of our worst crises: The 'Great Depression,' 'World War II,' the 'Korean War,' the 'Kennedy Assassination,' the 'Vietnam War,' the 1970's oil crisis, and the struggles of recent years since 9/11.

Make your own contribution by sending this to everyone you know and care about. It's our country, folks, and it's our future.
Our future is at stake!!

Apocalypse of stupidity !!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Federal Reserve must be dissolved !!!

The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel that controls the U.S. money supply and charges interest for the effort.  It is neither "Federal", nor has any "reserves".  The Fed enables politicians to bleed the populace through inflation and debt!!  Read about who owns the Fed here:  Learn why central banks have destroyed more civilizations than bad whiskey!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why are the roads in such bad repair?

Yesterday I was out driving before my car died.  You can't help but notice all the road construction going on.  There was a sign in the road indicating that the construction was courtesy of some recent governmental stimulus program.  Ok, fine.  But answer me this:  Why were the roads in such bad repair to begin with?  Why are our bridges in such bad repair?  After all, federal, state, and local taxes have done nothing but increase over the years.  Aren't the funds supposed to be used for such purposes?  It is obvious that the money has been used for other purposes, but what?  Now that we are out of money, we can borrow money that we don't have from China so that our children and grandchildren will be stuck with the tab.  Somehow, I don't think this is going to end well!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just getting started!

Wow!!  I was bored and just thought I would create a blog so that my ramblings and rants will have a home!  Wish me luck!